Hello and welcome to my website.  I’m based in Nottinghamshire, UK, and I work on stone sculpture and digital art.  I also have a broad interest in art therapies and mental health, and I am a member of Leicester Society of Artists.


I’m primarily interested in producing stone sculptures that capture or influence aspects of the human condition.  Although all art is related to human condition, I’m currently drawn to focus on various human traits, states, emotions and actions – pursued working on spatial scales ranging from landscape through to personal adornment.  I currently place my work in the following categories:


Display, up to around 1m tall.

Desktop, up to around 25cm tall. These are intended to be kept closer and interacted with more intimately than display pieces.

Haptic, smaller than your hand, sensuous and intended to be handled to make you feel good

Wearable, jewellery sized, particularly pendants, brooches, necklaces and bracelets, worn to display how you feel.

Materials - I like alabaster, polyphant, limestone and marble, along with a wide range of 'semi-precious' stone.  I’m also drawn to stones often rejected by other sculptors because of various perceived faults.  Such stones can reflect aspects of physical disability that can be supported to develop a meaningful result.

Digital Art

I’m interested in exploring a wide range of ideas and topics through photography, compositing and digital effects, typically using Krita.  Whilst some are evocative of the human condition, themes are broader than my sculptural work.  Much of my thinking in this area is influenced by the works of Rene Magritte and Franz Marc.

My Desktop sculptures and digital art are currently available on my Etsy shop artbobshop