Approaching Fire

Fire fills the sky

Ash covers the trees

More fuel

Blue Tree

A simple tree

A token for

Centuries of beauty

C'mon girls, he's trying to steal our souls

Sheep know a thing or two

Distrust the camera looking at them

Come, walk a mile with me

Slow feet become chilled

In the snow

You’re welcome to supper


Vision of our rocky future


Somewhere we envy from afar

In the Woods

In moonlit woods

Spirits play

And the trees look on

How could they do this


Has no politics

Unlike us

Newstead Abbey1

Simply inspired by Rene Magritte

Newstead Abbey2

Simply inspired by Rene Magritte

Night and Day Tree

Snow covered empty seat

Companion for a tree

That’s seen many nights and days

Parallel Worlds

Echoes fly past


By those with a different focus

The Spell

Placid porcelain

Hidden mystical power

Space shudders

A Lion

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